Shoe Care


  • Leather soles can expand when wet, so it is best to avoid wet conditions when wearing your new shoes the first two or three outings.
  • If for any reason that your leather soles do become wet, take care that you dry them out slowly and naturally, away from direct heat - (eg radiators).
  • Leather shoes can often take a day to dry out fully. whenever possible alternate daily with other pairs of Walcott’s Footwear




  • Leather uppers require regular treating with a good-quality wax polish to protect the leather and give a high shine finish.
  • This should help to prolong the life of the uppers and maintain their appearance. Ensure the shoes are dry before application.
  • Suede and Nubuck uppers can be treated using a ‘Suede Protector’ spray. Using a rubber suede brush can help to lift any dirt and debris. 


  • Our shoes can last for decades, especially if they are cared for properly. The shoe tree is more than a simple accessory – it is a must.
  • Using shoe trees means you will be able to keep your shoes for a lifetime: they will develop a beautiful patina with time, but without ageing.
  • Our feet sweat throughout the day and the leather and lining of our shoes absorb all that moisture. This can cause the lining to deteriorate, your shoes to get an unpleasant smell, and the leather to crack over time, thereby ruining your beautifully handcrafted pair of shoes.
  • A shoe tree holds a shoe in its proper shape so it dries out correctly and keeps the leather from cracking by wicking away moisture. The absorbent wood also helps dry out the lining of shoes so that they don’t rot from the inside out.


Shoe Care