Walcott's Footwear (WFW) is a direct-to-customer brand with a Global Reach, born out of our love for shoes, design, exquisite quality & style.


  • We Design & Masterfully Handcraft the Highest Quality Made To Order Footwear for the Modern Man, with a balance of Classic & Modern style with no compromise on quality. 


  • ( We provide Men across the world with the opportunity to own Masterfully Handcrafted Shoes that are Longer Lasting )


  • Our shoe designs are all normally handcrafted & delivered in 6 weeks or less, meaning not pre-made, but rather every shoe will be expertly handcrafted when you order & will be unique with its own leather fingerprint & personality. No two shoes are the same.


Our shoes are Designed with you in mind.

Our Shoe Designs are Handcrafted by the best Artisans, who collaborate in the creation process by hand-cutting, hand-painting and hand-stitching our shoe.

When sourcing the higher grade full grain box calf from the best European tanneries, we are always looking for a material that has a ( ’fine break’ )⠀

There is a saying in the industry –( ‘the break of the leather’) - which refers to creases made as the leather naturally flexes time and time again as it is worn. ⠀

Only the finest full grain leather, if cared for well, will continue to spring back and hold its shape over time, so we always look for ‘a good clean break’ in our leathers.