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Your shoes are not pre-made but Handcrafted when you order direct with us. This way we cut out the overhead fees associated with Warehousing/Storage – a saving we have passed on to you

We are an online Business, meaning we do not have the extra overheads associated with running a physical store front – this saving we have also passed on to you in how we price our shoes.

We have no middle men, so all orders are sent directly to our factories where they are handcrafted by our Expert Artisans Craftsmen with the very best leathers.

MTO means there are no excessive margins. It's just between you and us. And this is what allows us to offer you such high quality shoes at an affordable price

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Limited editions

The crust is hand-painted and finished by our maestro colourist. It features various Croc patina, which is applied by hand, using natural oils and dyes. see more

premium quality

our leathers

Buying leather may sound easy. Pick up the phone. Place an order. Leather arrives… well, not here at Walcott's Footwear.

If we send leather into the factory that is not up to our Premium Quality standards, the product suffers, the factory struggles and we cannot meet our core Design Values LUXURY STYLE | PREMIUM QUALITY | HIGH COMFORT

This is why great importance is placed on searching and buying the most expensive element to our high quality footwear. 

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The loafer is a classic shoe that will provide comfort and style. Loafers are a lace less shoe that is easy to take on and appropriate for the weekends as well as the office. SHOP


American alligator skin is the ultimate exotic leather. It is exclusive, delicate and highly expensive. Uniquely soft and pliable, its belly scales are devoid of the bone and follicle markings that characterize crocodile skin, thus lending it that immaculate, iconic look, which makes it the ideal choice for all types of luxury SHOP